FHA Home Loans

An FHA Home Loan can be the right mortgage solution for you if qualifying for a traditional mortgage may be in question. FHA home loans were created by the Federal Housing Administration in order to provide federal assistance to potential home buyers with a lower annual income who otherwise may not be able to afford the purchase of a home.

FHA Home Loans Defined

Qualifying for an FHA home loan is different than qualifying for a traditional 15 year fixed mortgage or 30 year fixed mortgage. FHA home loans are typically offered to first-time home buyers, military families, or lower-income level home buyers who normally wouldn’t be able to secure traditional mortgage financing on a home. In addition, FHA home loans allow applicants to provide a smaller down payment on a home (as little as 3.5%) and even accept people with lower credit scores.

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United Home Loans prides itself on employing a smart and experienced staff that works hard to not only meet, but exceed, our clients’ expectations. Along with a top-notch team of mortgage bankers, United Home Loans will work to get you the lowest mortgage interest rate possible on FHA home loans. Call us today at (708) 531-8388 today or simply fill out our Free Mortgage Rate Quote form online to learn more about your home loan options!

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